SludgeHammer Installation
Pipe cleaning and drain field restoration
Vac-con Truck Hydro-Excavating
Sewer cleaning and excavation
Water line, sewer line, septic line replacement

SludgeHammer Installation

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Snakeman Septic is certified to install SludgeHammer technology to new or existing sewage systems.  SludgeHammer is a cutting edge, hassle free technology for waste water treatment.  It provides the most environmentally sound. low maintenance and LONG TERM solution in today’s market.

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Terralift Septic Wenatchee Valley Leavenworth

Terralift rejuvenates compacted and saturated leach fields and restores soil in general, providing a fast and effective solution for a myriad of ground water problems.

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Pipe Cleaning and Drain Filed Restoration

Vac-con Truck | Hydro-Excavating

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Sewer Cleaning and Excavation

Water Line, Sewer Line, Septic Line Replacement